Article by: Miles Nolte

It’s great to see this image of a blue trevally as the lead off image for Miles Nolte’s article “Quality in Paradise”. The blue trevally is quickly becoming a favorite of mine to both fish for and to photograph. Robust and feisty, full of colors and patterns, they never disappoint the angler or the camera.

This issue is packed with great articles and impressive essays, it’s not one to be missed.
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Gray’s Sporting Journal
Vol. Forty-two, Issue 3

Shot on assignment for Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures and FlyCastaway



Thinking about taking your photography skills to another level? Then consider signing up for Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures’ upcoming Cuba Fly Fishing Photography Workshop, happening October 14-25, 2017 in Playa Larga, Cuba.

There is nothing quite like a great “fish story” that includes tales of adventure, travel, and discovery. And while a good story is fun to hear, it’s always better when you have you a handful of amazing photos as well. There is no doubt that photography today is the new universal language, and many anglers have discovered the fun, creative possibilities of making memorable images over the course of their fishing trip. Nowadays, cameras are everywhere, and the ability to photograph your own adventures has never been easier. That said, the ability to shoot a photo does not mean that you’re guaranteed to capture good photos each and every time. If you’ve been thinking about taking your photography skills to another level in order to have your fishing memories captured in a way that truly showcases the beauty and excitement of the destinations that you visit, then consider signing up for Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures’ upcoming Cuba Fly Fishing Photography Workshop, happening October 14-25, 2017 in Playa Larga, Cuba. 

This hands-on, adventure-filled outdoor and fishing photography workshop is your chance to learn basic to intermediate photography skills from some of the most accomplished photographers and instructors in the industry. Learn to see your images and composition better, sharpen your camera technical skills, and set loose your creative drive while learning and photographing alongside our highly accomplished team of adventure angling photographers.

Whether you’ve just purchased your first camera and are wondering “what all those buttons are for,” or you’re a seasoned amateur-to-intermediate shooter wanting to make the most of your fishing and travel photography, this workshop will advance your skill level and improve your photos in the field. The workshop includes four days of guided fishing on the flats of Las Salinas in the famous Bay of Pigs region of Cuba. Anglers can expect to fish primarily to bonefish with possibilities for other marine species like permit, tarpon, snook, jacks, and barracuda. The flats of Las Salinas are a terrific area for wade fishing, so wading boots are highly recommended.

We’ve created a curriculum for this photo course that provides you with the necessary tools to create great images and truly “up” your photography game. In this immersive, eleven-day workshop, participating photographers will have daily detailed instructional lesson plans applied directly from the classroom to the field. Our pros will work alongside each participant, helping you to grow creatively with every shot. We’ve constructed a learning experience built around real-time scenarios to help you learn to anticipate and capture something special. This workshop will absolutely take your photography to the next level and will really help you make the most of your future fishing trips and adventure travel.

The eleven-day workshop also offers sufficient time in Havana to capture the sights and experience all that this fantastic city has to offer. After Havana you will have four days of fishing the flats of Las Salinas off the southern coast of Cuba, followed by a few days experiencing the Vinales Valley in Pinar del Rio Province. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Vinales Valley is famous for the country’s classic tobacco farming techniques and methods, situated in one of the most unique and beautiful valleys in all of Cuba.

Location: Playa Larga / Las Salinas, Cuba
Dates: October 14-25, 2017 (11 nights / 10 days)
Cost Per Person: $6,995 (based on double occupancy)
YD Staff: Bryan Gregson (photography instructor) Kristen Tripp (Cuba Program Director, translator, and ground logistics)

All details and a complete overview of the itinerary can be found on our website at

Reach out to Kirsten Tripp or call Yellow Dog at 406-585-8667 to reserve your spot on this unforgettable Cuban photographic experience!


57° N 160° E – West of Russia Mainland

The Senanda River is mousing heaven if I’ve ever seen one. It’s not the fishing that draws me back here, it’s the overall experience. The landscape, the camp fires, the people, the food, the wildlife and then, of course, there is the fish. It was incredible to see a forest that is still relatively untouched and truly wild. Big thanks to Tom, Alejandro and James for letting me tag along with my camera daily.

This issue is packed with great articles and some impressive photo essays, it’s not one to be missed.
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Gray’s Sporting Journal
Vol. Forty-two, Issue 3
Photo Essay: Russian Spring

This essay is from my trip last year while on assignment for Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures


Stream Access Report 2017

Public stream access is an important part of my life, and profession, so I couldn’t be more pleased to see these images accompany such an important part of our industry and heritage. I urge anyone that is concerned about public lands and public stream access to please get involved. If its not BHA, get involved in a local organization that is working towards a common sense compromise. Our future generations will thank you!

Check out the BHA link for detailed information on each region of the US. Its worth the read. Its also free, so download it, read it and pass it along.

Get informed, get involved.
+ BHA Stream Access Report:

+ Utah Stream Access Coalition:



Olympic Peninsula, Washington 

At one time in my career, I was in front of the lens, pictured on a few covers, a couple commercial ads, and in editorial publications. That seems so long ago. These days, I am mostly behind the lens, documenting anglers and their lifestyles and journeys. I am usually pretty good at avoiding the other end of the camera, but every now and again I get photographed. So you might say I was very surprised to see the new Patagonia Fish Ad for the new Tough Puff was of a photo of me!

This image was shot by Patagonia Ambassador Eric Paulson while we were on assignment for a shoot. I didn’t know he was quietly sniping photos while I was trying to navigate what seemed to be miles of log jams. It was already a fun trip so this image is icing on the cake. Nice shooting, Eric!

Check out their site for more information on the
new Tough Puff from Patagonia you won’t be disappointed.

+ Patagonia Tough Puff:


Drake Magazine summer 2017 Ad

A few new Hatch Outdoors Ads have been surfacing this summer season, I’m happy to see that we landed one of them! I say this all the time, but its true, its always nice to actually hold the fruits of our labor in print.

Getting great images in the field always take a team effort, always. This image was from a trip with Shaun lawson of Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. We were at Miminiska Lodge in Ontario. On this day we were in the lake fishing for pike and walleye. Big thanks to all the anglers, manufactures, lodges, staff, guides, logistics agents, etc, who helped with the process, these images wouldn’t be created without your help and continued support.

Click the link to check out more products from Hatch Outdoors.
USA Made, Globally Fished

+ Hatch Outdoors:
+ The Drake Magazine:


Drake Magazine Video Awards: ICAST/IFTD

I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that Finding Fontinalis took home the Best Conservation Film award at The Drake Magazine Video Awards! Big congrats to the entire team — all of whom worked hard on this project. I can’t post this without giving thanks to all the sponsors, lodges, guides, writers, filmers, artists, and volunteers for believing in and supporting this very important project over the years. Without all of you, this film would not have been possible.

The Drake Video Awards is always a great night of friends, films, drinks, and food. Great job to the Drake Mag team, and thanks for always entertaining us year after year. If you haven’t been to the Drake Video Awards yet, make sure to attend the show next year in Orlando!

+ Drake Magazine Film Awards:

Finding Fontinalis is available for purchase/download!
You can now enjoy the highly anticipated full-length feature film at your leisure.
Order a copy today!

+ Finding Fontinalis:

Finding Fontinalis from Cinema Digital Productions on Vimeo.



July/August 2017

I’m delighted to see the new Cover and Exposure Section of the current issue of Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine. It’s always a humbling honor to be accepted for a cover and photo essay piece.

See this and much more in the current issue. Head on down to your local shop and grab yourself a print copy or order a dual subscription and get it on your iPad, you won’t be disappointed and won’t ever miss an issue.

Big thanks to anglers: Rick Matney, Tom Melvin, Camille Egdorf, Austin Trayser, James Warren

+ Chrome Chasers Lodge:
+ Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine:
+ Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures:



Las Pampas Lodge 2018 Video and Brochure

New Media for Las Pampas Lodge

Our team headed to Las Pampas Lodge this past spring for our annual Argentina trip. Las Pampas Lodge is located in a charming old traditional town surrounded by towering peaks and small, remote waters with great hatches and willing fish. Tucked away in the heart of the Patagonia, this small town certainly has a big fishing problem.

Many thanks to the lodge team for their time and energy. We truly enjoyed filming this winter with the LPL crew and look forward to our annual return in 2018.

+ More videos:
+ Las Pampas Lodge:

+ 2018 BROCHURE: 




Let’s face it, not every shoot goes smoothly. Gear breaks and stuff happens. This is why it’s really important for me to use tough dependable gear. I can’t afford gear failure, and I also can’t bring a giant tackle box to the middle of the backcountry to fix any unforeseen issues that may arise.

When I’m traveling by foot and space in my pack is limited, I can’t allow myself to drag behind and miss the shot because my pack is 80 pounds. The gear I bring is taken into substantial consideration because weight and space are top priority.

There are a few gadgets that are always in my pack, regardless of the location. These are also items that are always being used (aside from the usual photography kits of camera bodies, lenses, clothes, flash, tripod, etc.).

This is a list of my top 5 non-photo gadgets found in my pack.



Benchmade: Griptilian
Buy a good one. Don’t skimp. Although for the most part it’s used as a utility knife for everything imaginable, you’ll still need to rely on a good blade, and the $15 dollar knife isn’t going to cut it. There isn’t a place I’ve traveled that I didn’t have my knife on my belt. And there isn’t a place that I haven’t needed it — even if it’s for spreading peanut butter and jelly. It’s way better than your finger, and your companions will thank you for it.

LifeStraw: Go Bottle
Water is heavy, and I don’t have room for eight bottles (and they’re not environmentally responsible). I could use a bladder, but if it breaks then water will cover my camera gear, and again, water is heavy. I could do what I did years ago and drink those awful tablets or attempt to lug around a purifier, but that’s unrealistic. But there is an easy solution. I am lucky that my job is on water. I carry a reusable water bottle that contains a purifier. It’s light, and I can refill at any time of the day. The LifeStraw keeps weight to a minimum and keeps me hydrated, and that allows me to keep my energy level high. The bonus is drinking the cold water of the nature’s streams on a hot summer days. Warm bottled water anyone? No way!

LED Lenser: Seo7R Rechargeable
This is the most prized possession I carry. Being able to see in the dark is a big plus. Most of the time you never need it, but all too often I’ve found myself staying in a location until the light was gone, miles away from camp. Or I’m on the other side of the river catching the last of the sunset light. I’d never leave home without one, and in fact there is some type of lightweight headlamp in every one of my camera bags. My most used is the Led Lenser. There are many types and brands, but I suggest going with a reputable one and getting as many true lumens as possible. The more lumens the brighter the light, but brighter usually means heavier and bulkier the headlamp.

Gerber: MP600-Multi-Plier-Needle
Gear breaks and you need to be able to quickly rig it back to some type of working condition to finish the shoot. We can’t take a toolbox, but we can take a multi-tool! I thank my friend Jerry Daschofsky every time I use this wonderful gift he sent me, which is almost weekly. This gadget goes with me on every trip. And on every trip it comes in handy. I highly suggest that you get one that is tough and that can take a beating. Things might get a bit heavier, but when you need a tool, you don’t want it to bend or break. Then you’re really screwed. See what I did there?

Adventure Medical Kit: All sizes
I always travel with a medical kit. Usually I have a large full medical kit at my base of operations with splints and sutures and a small personal kit on my person. The more I travel the more I realize how important this is. I’ve seen a stick through the leg (mine), deeply cut hands, a hatchet to the thigh, broken bones, and violent illnesses deep in the jungle. I’m also a member of Global Rescue.

RECAP: Top 5 Top 5 Non-Photo Gadgets

  1. Quality knife
  2. Bright rugged headlamp
  3. Purified water bottle
  4. Multi-tool
  5. First-aid kit

<+> Tip <+>
First Aid Kit + Moleskin + Medical Tape + Multi-tool = LAV Mic Solutions

So you’re doing audio and you need to hide a LAV mic — standard stuff with fishing filmmaking. Let’s say the clothing the subject is wearing rubs on the LAV mic, and it creates a horrendous sound, or maybe a clip broke and you need a mounting solution in the field. Whatever it is, some audio tinkering happens every time. Then it hits ya — you forgot your little MacGyver audio gear bag at the hotel/lodge/car/base camp/anywhere but there! Not to worry.

Get your first-aid kit out of your pack and grab the moleskin and medical tape (Transpore medical tape is a standard in every audio bag as gaffers tape causes allergic reactions in some), and with your trusty pocketknife or scissors on your multi-tool, cut the moleskin in small pieces. Use the moleskin as you would stickies or whatever audio dampener tricks you usually use. The felt side of the moleskin helps to isolate the clothing from the LAV mic. Just add the moleskin to the area you want to put the mic, tape the mic onto the moleskin, and then add moleskin over the mic area, basically sandwiching the mic while mounting it in place. Adjust as needed. Audio disaster adverted in a pinch thanks to the first-aid kit. Now don’t forget to restock the kit!

+ Effective LAV Mic techniques +


Photography tips for the traveling outdoor photographer. There are numerous ways to get the same thing accomplished. My working photo kits are designed for me — a single shooter, usually with no assistant, working in the outdoor elements with needs to be mobile and carry all of my own gear. Of course, we all have different needs, and what works for me might not work for you. After years of trial and error (mostly error) this is my current method to the madness. Enjoy!

We’d love to hear your experiences and ideas.
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