May/June 2017

I’m delighted to see few of my images accompanied the Exposure Section of the current issue of Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine. It’s always a humbling honor to be amongst the other great photos and photographers on a photo gallery piece. Seems like it was just yesterday when I was photographing Brad Miller spinning up his favorite go to pattern in anticipation of the big bug hatch and fishing with my then roommate Brandon Prince, who was trying not to choke on a mouthful of salmonflies, because he was starving? Only a guide knows the feeling? Ha.

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Cayo Largo, Cuba

I’m very pleased to see this Cuban Jack in print. I visited Cuba on staff assignment for Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures with Tom Melvin. He and I toured the country eating ham and cheese sandwiches and chasing down a plethora of fish. A trip we will both never forget.

This one time, in Cayo Largo, we were cruising on the edge of the flats when we spotted a mini-school of mini-GT’s hunting. They were headed right for us, there was no time to react. It was an easy choice for the dry fly anglers to quickly grab the dryfly/topwater rod with a Brent Dawson’s crease fly attached. Without hesitation a cast was fired off in the direction of the hunting fish and the fly began going to work, causing a ruckus and throwing water in every direction. Within about 2.9 seconds the largest fish accelerated towards the fly and crushed it with aggression. The fight was on and a battle it was. These fish are so powerful … will eat dry flies/topwater flies … a no-brainer.

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