Road Trip Canada | Day One | Fire & Ice

OH CANADA!!… You sure do make the best candy bar!



What started as a small grass fire, exploded into an enormous fast-moving inferno headed straight for town. We traveled into the large black line of smoke that crossed the highway.

A few hours later we heard on the radio the little town where we ate lunch is under a state of emergency, evacuations are underway and all highway traffic was shut down.



Shortly after driving through the black smoke of death, we unfortunately saw another fiery hell. A roadside house engulfed in flames with no chance of saving the house.




Scenery changes as elevation rises. Large walls of granite slabs line the gigantic passageway to Banff and British Columbia. Leaves are changing and Mother Nature has already dusted the peaks with snow.



Bonus: Diner | Legends: time to eat

Crazy comfortable joint – Breakfast for dinner: recommend the corn beef hash and eggs.


Headed North | Yellow Dog Fishing Adventures Canada

Idaho to BC


Canada, here I come!

I’m currently packing my bags for the great white North, Canada!… although I hope its not actually white.

I will be on location with Yellow Dog Fishing for the next 18 days or so. Fish junkie and YD liaison Shaun Lawson and I will driving cross-country to Terrace British Columbia right out of the gate and winding our way through the vast countryside vising lodges, anglers and rivers along the way. The task for me is to capture imagery for catalog and marketing use: lodges, lifestyle and fishing.

I’m going to try and post images of the daily routine, behind the scenes, and all the interesting things which we will certainly encounter.




About the Company

The unique thing about Yellow Dog Adventure Travel is they actually go to the lodge, inspect the amenities, build relationships with the staff, eat the food, participate in the activities and of course, go fishing. When most travel companies just a book trips to whomever will pay them fees to turn a buck, these guys actually take the time to personally visit outfitters and lodges to get a hands on view of what they are potential standing behind. It is a great piece of mind knowing he fishing adventures they provide have all the kinks worked out be it traveling to the jungle to knowing what hatch selection their customers need for a rocky mountain spring creek.

If your thinking about booking a trip and just don’t know where to go, do yourself a favor and check out the extensive Yellow Dog website.

Yellow Dog Fishing Adventures|



2012 IFTD Drake magazine Flyfishing video awards: Best Cinematography

“The Last Salmon Forest”  chapter 1 takes home ‘Best Cinematography” at this year 2012 IFTD Drake magazine Flyfishing video awards in Reno!

2012 IFTD Drake Film AwardsThis past July I had the opportunity to be involved with Ian Majszak at Detonation Studios for a project in Alaska. The subject spotlight is on the Tongass National Forest. It’s been an amazing adventure so far it will continue when we pic

We returned home to the lower 48 with very little time before we had to send off the film, to the Drake magazine Flyfishing. Having been apart of several 72 hours of fun film contests we’ve been training for this, right? By sheer luck, we made the deadline.  Ian sums it up nicely …

“…after a grueling but rewarding 11 day shoot in South East Alaska’s Tongass National Forest we were invited to submit a digital short for The Drake film awards. With only a handful of days to edit this is our submission that won an award for Best Cinematography. Gratitude – To all the phenomenal Alaskans that put a roof over our head, kept us fed and opened up their lives to us. Without their support this project would not of been possible.”

Winning Clip:

“The Last Salmon Forest” Teaser:

2012 IFTD Drake Magazine write-up:

The Tongass Issue | Tongass 77

iPhone | Bryan Gregson Photography

This issue is not on the radar from most of the fishing world. Shadowed by the excellent Pebble Mine momentum, the Tongass 77 sits and waits for a voice. The Tongass is rare, it is also the last of its kind on Earth, and urgently needs our voice!!  As the good folks over at American Salmon Forest tell it:

“At nearly 17 million acres, the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska is our country’s largest and most unique national forest. This magnificent landscape of western hemlock, Sitka spruce, western red cedar and yellow cedar trees is part of the world’s largest remaining intact temperate rain forest – and hosts some of the rarest ecosystems on the planet.”

The Tongass National Forest is owned by all of us who call the United States our home. The time is now to stand-up and get involved …  help protect what is yours.

“The Tongass is America’s salmon forest and one of the few places in the world where wild salmon and trout still thrive. Some 65 percent of  Tongass salmon and trout habitat is not Congressionally protected at the watershed scale, and is currently open to development activities that could harm fish. It’s time for Congress to better protect the richest resource of the Tongass: wild salmon.”

– Tim Bristol | Trout Unlimited | Alaska Program Director

  • For more information on how to help conserve America’s last largest temperate rainforest check out this link–>



2012 IFTD Trouthunter Lodge

This year I sat down with TroutHunter Products to find distinctive imagery for their upcoming 2012 trade show booth. We selected a fitting image which would not only be pleasing to the eyes of potential passing customers but an image that captures the unique lifeblood of the company.  Its important to know and understand what your clients company branding style is so that you can deliver exceptional exclusive imagery.

Story Behind the Photo
This past summer I had the opportunity to shoot an Osprey that was rescued by a few local Henry’s Fork river guides. If you somehow missed that incredible story be sure to head over and check out the article over on the TroutHunter Lodge blog [HERE]

About the Product
If you haven’t heard the news yet, TroutHunter products is making superior tippet and leaders these days. So, if your like most anglers out there and your contemplating what the strongest fluorocarbon on the market today might be, I urge you to investigate, or better yet, order a spool and try it for yourself…you will not be disappointed.

+ TroutHunter Products

iPhone image by Bryan Gregson Photography