Hatch Premium Fly Fishing Reels has just released an all-new 2013 marketing line-up! I’m excited to be a part of it all once again! The fellas over at Hatch have been beyond supportive in all my global adventures over the years. I couldn’t have done a lot of it without them.

Every year I’m lucky to be able to contribute to the campaign. From articles for the catalog to web images to advertisements. This year was no exception. From Utah to Alaska and Yucatan to Northern British Columbia, the explorations are inspiring to say the least! I was able to travel with some great folks on these excursions: Rich and Millie Paini, Zach Wheeler, Chris Andelin, Shaun Lawson, Dave Smith, and the list goes on and on. The comradely these adventures bring out creates lasting friendships and memories which are created last a lifetime.. and the bloopers are always shared when reunited. Each year’s gets better and each new year brings new explorations to places I have yet to visit and capture with my rod and camera…  I’m looking forward to what 2013 brings.

If you haven’t got your hands on any Hatch  products, I certainly suggest you do so! From reels to backing, they have you covered. Hatch makes equipment that can withstand abuse, hissy fits and when you get right down to it, it will last longer that you’ll be alive. And like any great company, they stand behind their American made products…besides; they are just really cool hard working guys..

+ Hatch Outdoors: http://www.hatchoutdoors.com/

2013 website_ Hatch

Hatch 2013 Anglers Annual: 10 Years of Hatch



2013 Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures Catalog | Teasrsheets

Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures just released their new 2013 Catalog! I’m excited to contribute a small portion of photography for this project.

I traveled with Shaun Lawson, Northern Rockies Yellow Dog liaison, this past fall 2012 to Canada (Northern B.C/ Ferine/Alberta) and Northern Montana to capture the experience with my camera. It was a three week road trip filled with inviting waters, wild fish, good friends, and the best candy bar in the world.  One adventure I’ll never forget. I’m also excited to be heading out on another Yellow Dog adventure coming up soon.

So, wondering where to go next for your fishing destination? Just give these guys a call, problem solved. Not only can they smoothly get you to anywhere in the world you want to go, but they’ve actually physically been all over the world to inspect first-hand the destinations and lodges they book. This gives them extensive knowledge of the area and operations which allows them to make certain you’re well informed for the trip of a lifetime. Quality service!

To get a FREE catalog… or to book a trip ….or to see some amazing fly-fishing photography from all over the globe…head on over to their website and check ’em out! http://www.yellowdogflyfishing.com/


Yellow Dog Catalog 2013_60 Yellow Dog Catalog 2013_70


Supporting The Greenbacks Surface Film 3 Event

Surface Film 3 | Image by Nate Luke

For the third year in a row I’m humbled to be requested to help support The Greenbacks of Trout Unlimited with their 3rd annual Surface Film event. This event showcases top professional fly-fishing photography from across the country at the Anthology Fine Art in Denver Colorado. The framed print silent auction helps raise critical funds to continue their needed conservation work. It’s an honor for me to have my imagery hanging next to some of the greats in fly-fishing photography! For all you traveling folks in the area, I certainly encourage stopping by and check it out, it’s nothing short of a great time!

For more information about The Greenbacks, and how you can help support them, check out the site | http://thegreenbacks.org/


Surface Film 3 | February 7th 2013 | 7pm | Denver Colorado

Advertisement courtesy of The Greenbacks – Photographer | Nate Luke.

Check out more of Nate’s inspiring work: http://www.nateluke.com/


Utah Stream Access Trouble | Legislature Is At It Again!


Looks like Utah’s stream access is about to come under fire once again. The new language is being brought forward by archenemy to public water, Representative Kay Mciff and once again it’s another overconfident bill clouded with deceit.

HB68 is a bad bill – This bill attempts to limit the Utah Public Trust Doctrine scope to the current enacted laws by the Legislature.


Quick Background: The Utah Public Trust Doctrine has little if any definition. The duties are held by the Legislature as “trustee” to the doctrine. This includes land, water, stream use, access, and appropriated water. Trust duties of the Legislature should be for the benefit of the public trust; instead this will only benefit PRIVATE interests. Currently this new bill, HB68, is trying to create HB141 as established “Utah Public Trust Doctrine”. Rep. Mciff is saying his past Legislation has done its duties and his bill (HB 141) is good enough.

Present Issue: What this new bill, HB68, isn’t telling you is HB 141 is presently under ligation in the courts; this new bill is trying to cunningly cover for the bill under fire. The current lawsuit oral arguments are this week and there should be an answer to the first, of two, lawsuit during this legislation. Make no mistake; this bill is a direct retaliation on the existing lawsuit. Rep. Mciff is trying to secure his legal framework with this new bill, HB68, at all costs, even if this means limiting the public drinking water and creating a new property right based on his newly proposed delusional legislation. The appropriators do not want any language regarding Public Trust and furthermore, this language was denied by the Utah Water Development Committee.



It is known that compromise language has been presented and is trying to find a sponsor. The language mirrors Idaho law. This entails: avoid loss of property rights and to protect water right interests of both property owners and the public, resulting in a balanced common sense compromise without establishing Public Trust.

PLEASE reach out to your Representatives and Senators NOW and let them know HB68 is bad for Utah, bad for the pubic, bad for tourism, and frankly, it’s bad for the entire West.

Visit The Utah Stream Access Coalition for more info: http://utahstreamaccess.org/