Patagonia and friends release feature-length film, Finding Fontinalis, for local grassroots fundraising efforts: Conservation message at the heart of inspirational documentary about one of the oldest fishing world records on the books.



VENTURA, California, (February 20, 2017)—Patagonia and co-sponsors Far Bank Enterprises, Yeti and Costa today announced the release of the feature-length downloadable version of Finding Fontinalis. A 70-minute feature film by Travis Lowe, Finding Fontinalis explores how the search for a new world record brook trout in Argentina ultimately leads the anglers involved on a mission to conserve and protect much more than just the fish itself.

Shot over a nearly four-year span on location in Canada, Argentina, Montana, California and Florida, Finding Fontinalis is the brainchild of angler and filmmaker Travis Lowe. A short festival-length cut was first released to great audience acclaim at fly fishing film tour screenings in the spring of 2016; the full-length feature now brings the incredible full story and its accessible conservation message to a broader audience.

The film is available to be screened in local markets globally to fly fishing dealers, grassroots conservation groups, and individuals.

Finding Fontinalis —Film Background

In the summer of 1915, John William Cook disappeared into the vast boreal forests of northern Ontario, emerging seven days later with a 14.5-pound brook trout from the Nipigon River—the largest the world had ever seen. But the record was almost immediately embroiled in controversy: Some said Cook didn’t take the fish on the fly, some said it was one of Cook’s native guides who caught the fish, some even said it was no brook trout at all. Nevertheless, the record persisted.

One hundred years later, three anglers—fueled by an old gaucho’s tale that told of “el lugar con el pescado rojo grande,” the place with the big red fish—descend upon the Chubut province of Argentina in search of giant brook trout that are no longer found in their native North American range due to habitat loss and degradation.

Photographer Bryan Gregson; Patagonia’s Director of Fishing Bart Bonime; and environmentalist, angler, and founder of Patagonia Yvon Chouinard follow Agustin Fox, the charismatic and hardworking owner of Las Pampas Lodge, into an uncharted watershed to chase down the rumors. It is there that Fox shares his vision for something much greater than a new world record: the protection of not only the fish but the land, water and culture that surround it.

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16.5833° S, 59.6167° E – East of Mauritius 

I’m thrilled to see the voyage to St. Brandon’s Atoll in Mauritius made it to print. Each time I think about this incredible adventure with the crew at Flycastaway I still can’t believe it. What an incredible area, I had no idea places like this actually existed in reality. A journey I will always remember and a place I will always want to return to.

This essay is from my trip last year while on assignment for Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures with the amazing crew at Fly Castaway. It has been said the Cargados Carajos Shoals is very remote, way off-the-grid and is extremely difficult to get there. I couldn’t agree more. 

Big thanks to William for letting me tag along with him on the flats with my camera and to my bunkmate Murray for putting up with all my gear, I’m glad we both had the same taste in room temperate!

Be sure to head down to your local shop and grab yourself a copy or better yet, order a subscription, you won’t be disappointed. This issue is packed with great articles and some impressive photo essays, it’s not one to be missed.

Gray’s Sporting Journal: The Fly Fishing Edition
Vol. Forty-two, Issue 1
Photo Essay: Untouched



Gray Drakes :: Mar/Apr 2017

Hot off the press, René Harrop’s article on the Gray Drakes in the recent issue of Fly Fisherman Magazine. Rene’s articles are always very well written and packed with decades of on the water knowledge, a great read. It’s also a great honor for me to see a few of my images were selected to complement an article written by person whom I have a lot of admiration and respect for. A wise and skillful angler, René has opened my eyes to the master’s game of technical dry fly fishing, to the life lessons found on the river and has been an instrumental person in my career, I am very grateful to call him friend. I look forward to the next time we talk life while watching the bugs float down the river from the observation deck.

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Las Pampas, Argentina

Each year I look forward to my annual visit to the rural area of Las Pampas. One of the great things about this region is the culture and people who live there. The fishing is good, the food is fresh, the crew is outstanding and the surrounding landscape is inspirational. Spending time with Oggy and the Las Pampas Lodge team is undoubtedly a yearly highlight for me. Ironically, I just returned home from my visit a few days ago, opened the catalog and saw one of my favorite places and people gracing the pages. It is an honor to see this moment make the cut for the 2017 Patagonia Fly Fishing Catalog and print Ad campaign; it was one of those days you will always remember. I’m already planning for next year.

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