when a wrong makes a right!

This image is a mistake. I captured it while photographing Eagles in Alaska. In the heat of a fast follow focus; I lost my bearings for a moment, I forgot about the position of the sun. My frame went from a nice clean color to fully blown out white; I accidentally shot straight into the sun. Out of reflex, my fingers scrambled to the dials to counter the hard light while maintaining follow focus and still slamming the shutter down, this is what I captured, a mistake. The years of oddly shooting with my middle finger allowed me to spin the dial with my pointer and the thumb wheel out of habit. A little trick I picked up from my mentor years back. It’s come in handy more often than not.

I like this photo, not because it’s a technically perfected image. But for all the imperfections it has: imperfect light, imperfect focus and an imperfect style of shooting. Similar to my views on life, I tend to like the imperfections and unique characters that I accidentally stumble upon. To me, perfection is, well, boring. There isn’t much to discover below the surface.



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