I am available for assignments. All kinds, big and small. So if your campaign involves anything with a camera, above ground or below water, give me a call, I’ll be happy to deliver the stunning content you desire.

My team has worked with art directors and coordinators to produce a uniquely tailored look and feel for all types of marketing campaigns. We use a wide variety of equipment, lighting, and techniques to create the perfect mood. Whether planning a three-month expedition to the jungles of Bolivia or a two-day shoot on a Montana river, we will capture shots that tell a compelling story.

Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss an assignment or to purchase a license for stock images.

When on dry land, I check email religiously, but I often travel and work in the field. Please indicate the level of urgency in your message. I apologize in advance for any unexpected delays in response and vow to respond to your email as soon as I am in range. Thank you for your interest and inquiry.

**When appropriate, be sure to include an order number with your message.