Bristol Bay, Alaska

I’m always thrilled to see my images in print, no matter how big or how small or the location where its placed. Of course the cover shot is the most coveted and then on down the layout list it goes. Often time’s images accompany articles and tid-bits. I couldn’t be more happy to see this image tied in with an article that needs some much needed attention in the day and age of “grip and cringe” and targeting big spawners off their beds.

The fishing media is exploding, for better and for worse. It’s up to those who have the power to say something and do something to act with a voice and a backbone and help educate all anglers to the sport. Fly Fishing is a big hit amongst the hip outdoor crowd now, and although they are consciously eating at the lasted whole food stores in the city, they are unknowingly hurting the very thing they so called love and protect, nature. From hot spotting locations, to fishing when the temps are too hot, to raping big vulnerable spawning fish off their beds in hopes to drop the latest ‘gram, things are certainly changing, for the worse?

Bravo to both the author and the editors for running such a hot topic. I hope to see more articles like this in the future and I hope that those who enjoy nature become more educated in their actions…ignorance isn’t actually bliss. Head down to your local shop to get your copy today, or better yet, sign up for a yearly subscription.

+ American Angler Magazine –
 + Author: Jessica McGlothlin –

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