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Last month while in rural Argentina I had a remarkable opportunity to spend time with the gauchos. I am very grateful for the chance to get a glimpse into their life, lifestyle and livelihood. They are all such great examples to me in how to exist in simple transcendental consciousness, the simplest form of human awareness.

This is an image of Hector racking-up his horse after he and his son roped a severely injured calf. Unfortunately the injury was fatal and the animal was put down. A tough blow to a gaucho, a grown cow is worth more at market than a calf. I was able to shoot the traditional killing and butchering process as well. Nothing is wasted out there, not even the blood. It was an incredible learning experience and the asado that followed a few days later was one of the best meals of my life…. I can’t wait to return.

“Si sos gaucho en de verás, no has de mudar, porque andequiera que vayas ira s con tu alma por delante.”

“If you’re really a gaucho, you can’t change, because wherever you go, you’ll go with your soul leading the way.”
    – Ricardo Guiraldes Don Segundo Sombra (translated1935)

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