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Idaho to BC


Canada, here I come!

I’m currently packing my bags for the great white North, Canada!… although I hope its not actually white.

I will be on location with Yellow Dog Fishing for the next 18 days or so. Fish junkie and YD liaison Shaun Lawson and I will driving cross-country to Terrace British Columbia right out of the gate and winding our way through the vast countryside vising lodges, anglers and rivers along the way. The task for me is to capture imagery for catalog and marketing use: lodges, lifestyle and fishing.

I’m going to try and post images of the daily routine, behind the scenes, and all the interesting things which we will certainly encounter.




About the Company

The unique thing about Yellow Dog Adventure Travel is they actually go to the lodge, inspect the amenities, build relationships with the staff, eat the food, participate in the activities and of course, go fishing. When most travel companies just a book trips to whomever will pay them fees to turn a buck, these guys actually take the time to personally visit outfitters and lodges to get a hands on view of what they are potential standing behind. It is a great piece of mind knowing he fishing adventures they provide have all the kinks worked out be it traveling to the jungle to knowing what hatch selection their customers need for a rocky mountain spring creek.

If your thinking about booking a trip and just don’t know where to go, do yourself a favor and check out the extensive Yellow Dog website.

Yellow Dog Fishing Adventures| http://www.yellowdogflyfishing.com/


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