JoJo The Grouse

My young friend Ella took me to meet her unusual pal in her remote morel mushroom area today. Each time Ella picks shrooms with her family she calls out to her grouse friend named “JoJo”, who comes running to greet her. The bird stays close to Ella’s heels and is curious to her every move. For hours this continues. The bird was also curious to the camera and came in for a closer inspection. I was able to use a macro lens while photographing “JoJo”, what a great experience. Another interesting thing is, the grouse attacked our shoes when we were leaving. Tugging at the shoelaces in a frantic effort to keep us there. Often times JoJo flies after the truck in a last ditch effort to get Ella to stay. Nature is amazing… what a great day!

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JoJo_Grouse_macro_Bryan Gregson


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