Native Perch  Specie 

John Hudgens releasing a native perca (Percichthys Trucha) from the Limay River, Argentina. It was great to see one of the few native species. We had a great day fishing and creating images with Ron Sorenson of Chocolate Lab Expeditions.

The Perca is an interesting fish, a modern fish some say… so like a Perch Bass Trout?

“Grouped under the common name existed four endemic percíctidos Patagonia: Percichthys trout and Percichthys vincigerrai (smallmouth bass), Percichthys colhuapiensis (largemouth bass) and Percichthys laevis . Modern DNA analysis techniques, resolved the questions of classification and determined that there is a single species in Argentina (Percichthys trout).”

+ For more about this unique specie check out this link:

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Argentina_ perca_Chocolate Lab Expeditions_Yellow Dog Flyfishing_Bryan Gregson

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