Tourism Solutions, Buenos Aries

The back-story here is I was traveling to Argentina this past spring with a layover in Buenos Aries. As chance would have it, I picked up and assignment to photograph the BA SoHotel during my transfer days. (yesterdays post) This was a perfect excuse to stay in the big city for a few extra days to tackle some work and visit the tourist sites. I’ve always wanted to play tourist in BA but my schedules were always too tight to squeeze it in, but not this time. So I put a call into an essential piece of gear for traveling in and out of Buenos Aries, the transfer team! I called Gaia and her team at LOL Argentina and was able to find a slot for a tour. It was great to see and photography all the famous sites, cemeteries and graffiti. Well worth the history lesson!
I never go to Buenos Aries without the help of the LOL Argentina team…ever. LOL makes traveling in a city of millions of people, simple, seamless and smooth. Airport transfers, food, hotels, shopping, sites, tours, etc, you name it, the got it covered

+ LOL Argentina:
         **Pictured here is La Boca and below is the Recoleta

Bryan Gregson Photography_Argentina_cemetary-3
Bryan Gregson Photography_Argentina_cemetary-1



Buenos Aries, Argentina

The bulk of my photography consists of some sort of variation of an outdoors theme focusing on natures elements and adventure sport lifestyle. My job requires me to photograph many things, one of which is lesser known, architecture. Rustic log cabins, live aboard boats, lodges and hotels all have many lighting challenges. Often times there is a little more too it, which keeps me mentally engaged with studying and continually learning photography. The skills are applied to all aspects of my work and the knowledge fits nicely in the ol’ bag o tricks. It’s a fun, less glamours part of the job, that I enjoy and welcome. These projects requires a different approach and forces me to step outside of my comfort zone. Here is a recent sample of a few images I captured for a Hotel assignment in Buenos Aries, Argentina, shown here used for select customer marketing material.

If you’re passing through Argentina you’ll probably be staying in Buenos Aries. The great folks at BA SoHotel are top notch, great food and service.

+ BA SoHotel: