Middle of Nowhere, Indian Ocean

I just returned from an inspiring trip to the Indian Ocean and ST Brandon’s Atoll, what an incredible adventure. I never knew a place like that existed. It was very inspiring to see a healthy fishery and ecosystem that is still intact. The wade fishing for bonefish was as incredible. It’s an ocean safari of animals and birds that I’ve never seen before. It’s not a place for everyone, a long journey filed with flights and a massive ocean crossing. We had a great captain and the 15-foot seas for 24+ hours didn’t seem so bad. Hats off to the FlyCasway team for showing me their amazing office. Thanks for your hospitality!

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16° 35’0.0”S 59° 40’0.0”E – North East of Mauritius

Here we go, cue the automatic “out-of-office” email reply! ….My bags are packed, Global Rescue and SAT phone in tow and I am heading out the door in less than 24 hours. It is going to take 4 days, 4 plane rides, 2 hotels and a 28hr, 268-nautical-mile ocean crossing later to get there. My final destination is a very remote place called Île Raphael on St.Brandon’s Atoll, it’s about 10,393.44 miles away from home.

St. Brandon (Saint Brandon), also known as Cargados Carajos Shoals, is a collective of over 50 islands, coral ridges and vast sand flats on an extended reef located in the middle of absolutely nowhere Indian Ocean. I will be on assignment for Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures with the Fly Castaway boys targeting anything that swims on the flats, mainly giant bonefish and giant trevally. It has been said this place is literally the next frontier in the world of saltwater flats fishing. It is very remote, way off-the-grid and is one of the few remaining protected pristine places left on the planet, not too mention, its extremely difficult to get there.

I am beyond excited and I feel very lucky to be on this trip. This is for sure a once in a life-time opportunity for me, I am looking forward to the adventure and I can’t wait to make some photographs.

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“Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius.”-Mark Twain

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