Tiger Musky photo shoot in Utah

I spend a week fishing and shooting in Utah. The target specie was Tiger Musky, a mutant breed: Muskelunge x Northern Pike + test tube = Tiger Musky. These ferocious toothy fish are a blast to fish for. Over the years I’ve targeted a few areas using various methods. These are a fun fish to catch and you can use so many different types of methods to catch them. This particular trip we targeted them on the surface using patterns tied by none other than Brent Dawson of Warpath flies. Brent is a  master tier and his specialty is large technical flies. No wonder anglers like Jeff Currier and Mikey Weir and travel companies such as Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures use his flies globally. Tested and approved. If you need flies give Brent a ring, you wont be disappointed.

Angler: Laura Jenkins
Location: Utah

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