Planet Earth

Last year I lived fewer days at home than the year before. 365 days raced by faster than ever. I saw many things outside my tiny bubble. I got a little older. I made a resolution and I completed it. I proved to myself that you can do anything you are determined too do. I quit smoking.

I traveled over 95,975.6 miles, explored 2 Continents, 2 Oceans, 2 Seas, 8 Countries, 10 US states, which took 39 planes, 52 taxis, 15 boats, 8 buses, countless interstates, miles of dirt roads and many months. I was only detained 2 times, near 1 earthquake, saw 1 volcano starting to smoke, was a victim of 1 petty robbery, I thankfully had 0 Global Rescue calls and only twice I landed in a middle plane seat. I experienced so many amazing places, met so many inspiring people. I became better acquainted with my camera and myself. Overall it was a mind opening success.

I realize more and more how big the planet really is and how much I really don’t know about any of it and how tiny my little bubble really is. I saw the humility of the poor. I watched desperate acts by desperate people. I observed hungry children searching for food. I understood a little more that food and clean water is a luxury. I learned once again basic human needs are not always basic, and often times they are very complex and complicated. I questioned everything. I am profoundly touched.

Every year I learn I need to be more compassionate, more caring and more understanding. Many people are struggling to survive. I learned yet again that life is really short and I only get one shot at it. I need to embrace it and do something worthwhile with it.

Another year of grateful opportunities have come and gone and I’m looking forward to new possibilities ahead. I feel very fortunate to have so many great people supporting me, thank you all!! … Hello 2016



2 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR | HELLO 2016

  1. An inspiring and thoughtful arc into the new year, Bryan. It’s perspective that we all need to grasp from our own little bubbles. Thanks for sharing and may the new year continue to build better men of us all.


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