Planet Earth

Last year I lived fewer days at home than the year before. 365 days raced by faster than ever. I saw many things outside my tiny bubble. I got a little older. I made a resolution and I completed it. I proved to myself that you can do anything you are determined too do. I quit smoking.

I traveled over 95,975.6 miles, explored 2 Continents, 2 Oceans, 2 Seas, 8 Countries, 10 US states, which took 39 planes, 52 taxis, 15 boats, 8 buses, countless interstates, miles of dirt roads and many months. I was only detained 2 times, near 1 earthquake, saw 1 volcano starting to smoke, was a victim of 1 petty robbery, I thankfully had 0 Global Rescue calls and only twice I landed in a middle plane seat. I experienced so many amazing places, met so many inspiring people. I became better acquainted with my camera and myself. Overall it was a mind opening success.

I realize more and more how big the planet really is and how much I really don’t know about any of it and how tiny my little bubble really is. I saw the humility of the poor. I watched desperate acts by desperate people. I observed hungry children searching for food. I understood a little more that food and clean water is a luxury. I learned once again basic human needs are not always basic, and often times they are very complex and complicated. I questioned everything. I am profoundly touched.

Every year I learn I need to be more compassionate, more caring and more understanding. Many people are struggling to survive. I learned yet again that life is really short and I only get one shot at it. I need to embrace it and do something worthwhile with it.

Another year of grateful opportunities have come and gone and I’m looking forward to new possibilities ahead. I feel very fortunate to have so many great people supporting me, thank you all!! … Hello 2016