Coffee tables and guide bathrooms across the world are rejoicing!! The always highly anticipated Hatch Outdoors Anglers Annual is finally out! The new 2014 Hatch Outdoors catalog was just printed and being shipped to a shop near you and available on their website.

I’m exceptionally fortunate to be able to work with the imaginary guys at Hatch for the last 4 years. They’ve been very supportive of my journey and me. That support has helped immeasurably along the way. I’m pleased and humbled to have my image land on their new 2014 catalog cover this year!

Other notable catalog work is a featured article and other catalog images. Destinations included: Pacific Northwest, Yucatan and Argentina. Many thanks to all those anglers, lodges and staff, friends, editors and the many, many persons who helped make this possible. Without you, this reality would only have been a dream.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming year with Hatch and all the adventures that go along with it! New projects are already in the works and logistics are getting the last of the kinks worked out.

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Zach Wheeler strip-set’n on a tailing bonefish
Yucatan | Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges: http://casablancafishing.com/

Text Editing: Sarah Grigg: http://shgrigg.com/
Dexter Levandoski, Agustin “Oggy” Fox, Bart Bonime
Patagonia, Argentina | Las Pampas Lodge: http://www.laspampaslodge.com/

Johnny Pares, Rita Adams, Shaun Lawson

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It was nice to be back at the “other office” today. Water and air temperatures battled it out which created some stunning scenery. Winter fishing  sure has its perks, today was one one of them!
Austin Trayser is content with icy guides, frozen fly-line and ice encapsulated flies. This time of year in Montana its just what you need to do to get the most of it, and it ain’t all that bad!

Trayer Winter Montana flyfishing 1 Trayser Winter Montana flyfishing 2

Location: Montana Madison River
Angler: Austin Trayser

+ Patagonia: http://www.patagonia.com/us/home
+ Hatch – Premium Fly Fishing Reels: http://www.hatchoutdoors.com/
+ TroutHunter leader and Tippet: http://www.trouthunt.com/
+ Scott Fly Rod Company: http://www.scottflyrod.com/


Playa Blanca, Yucatan

I’m very happy to see these photos make it to print. That was such an amazing trip, it’s always fun to relive those moments again. These images where taken at Casa Blanca & Playa Blanca Fishing Lodges in the Yucatan with Patagonia Ambassador – Millie Jo Paini.

+ Patagonia: http://www.patagonia.com/us/home
+ Millie Paini Patagonia Profile: http://www.patagonia.com/us/ambassadors/fly-fishing/millie-paini/86986

Patagonia_Fall2014 Workbook_0089

Patagonia_Fall2014 Workbook_0076



Patagonia, Argentina

In the spring of March 2013 a small group set off on an angling adventure to remote inner regions of Patagonia, Argentina. While there our group was invited to help rope and brand calfs with the local gauchos, a rare and special offer. It was a great experience shared by all… one nobody will forget.

+ LINK: https://vimeo.com/77195623
+ Photographer: Bryan Gregson
+ Editor: Sean McCormick

Bryan Gregson Photography | 2013 Patagonia, Argentina | Gaucho from Bryan Gregson Photography on Vimeo.


Patagonia Ambassador Profile | Millie Paini

Patagonia Fl Fishing Ambassador Profile| Millie Paini
 I’ve had the pleasure of working with Millie for the past 4 years. We’ve shot on locations from Belize to the Yucatan to her home Western waters. She’s a true professional in every sense of the meaning. I’m very proud to see her accept the Ambassador position at Patagonia.

Angler: Millie Paini
Location: Playa Blanca, Yucatan
Patagonia Profile: http://www.patagonia.com/us/ambassadors/fly-fishing/millie-paini/86986
Patagonia: http://www.patagonia.com/us/home

Patagonia_Gregson_Millie Patagonia Ambassador_5Patagonia_Gregson_Millie Patagonia Ambassador_1Patagonia_Gregson_Millie Patagonia Ambassador_2Patagonia_Gregson_Millie Patagonia Ambassador_3Patagonia_Gregson_Millie Patagonia Ambassador_4

Yucatan Critters

The first encounter with a Roseate Spoonbill I was truly amazed. Odd looking creatures, with a unique look, cool personality and full of vibrant color, and did I mention…they are 5 different colors of pink!! Maybe to those that see these daily there’s not much to lift an eyebrow over, but to this rocky mountain dude, it’s a rare and jaw-dropping day when you see a flock of pink birds, in mangroves. Ever encounter I have with them is still of wonder. They congregate close to us, watching our actions with curios eyes. One in our group commented on Labrador like characteristics and facial expressions. In a few minutes dozen appear to watch our angling show. Always feel lucky too see these magnificent animals, and I always wonder what they are thinking…. Nature is pretty dang cool. This is one of many images of Spoonbills from the trip to the middle of the Yucatan

Cool looking spiny-tail iguanas seemed to be lurking around everywhere in the Yucatan. I had a hard time getting in close at first, until the locals clued me in on a little trick. The trick seemed to work and I was able to get in tight on this feller while basking on a large piece of washed-up coral. I was fortunate and was able to capture a lot of wildlife imagery on this trip, birds, fish, lizards, sharks, tarpon trying to eat a bird rookery, and of course humans. I even ventured to the famous “Iguana Island” for lunch in ascension bay to see the lunch pets, and make a cast…I never knew Iguanas loved jalapeños.

Check out the Osprey post here: https://bryangregsonphotography.com/yucatan-osprey/


Patagonia: http://www.patagonia.com/us/home
Casa Blanca & Playa Blanca Fishing Lodges: http://casablancafishing.com/
Hatch – Premium Fly Fishing Reels: http://www.hatchoutdoors.com/
TroutHunter leader and Tippet: http://www.trouthunt.com/

Iguana spoon bill


Las Pampas Lodge, Argentina

I’m a fan of slideshows, but I do get restless with them quickly. When I was asked to put together a photo slideshow I called Sean McCormick to spruce it up a little. Here are just a few of the many images from a recent trip to Argentina. It’s something a little different; perhaps you’ll like it.

A few of these small backcountry river systems have seen little anglers. The hikes can be quite long and somewhat grueling but all worth every step. One particular spring creek held 6 pound browns and was only 5 feet wide. Mouse patterns were very deadly in most of these types of areas. The fish were feisty and the eats were explosive. It was truly a fantastic trip, one I’ll never forget. I can’t wait to go back next year.

Motion Slideshow | Argentina 2013
Editor: Sean McCormick





Hatch Premium Fly Fishing Reels has just released an all-new 2013 marketing line-up! I’m excited to be a part of it all once again! The fellas over at Hatch have been beyond supportive in all my global adventures over the years. I couldn’t have done a lot of it without them.

Every year I’m lucky to be able to contribute to the campaign. From articles for the catalog to web images to advertisements. This year was no exception. From Utah to Alaska and Yucatan to Northern British Columbia, the explorations are inspiring to say the least! I was able to travel with some great folks on these excursions: Rich and Millie Paini, Zach Wheeler, Chris Andelin, Shaun Lawson, Dave Smith, and the list goes on and on. The comradely these adventures bring out creates lasting friendships and memories which are created last a lifetime.. and the bloopers are always shared when reunited. Each year’s gets better and each new year brings new explorations to places I have yet to visit and capture with my rod and camera…  I’m looking forward to what 2013 brings.

If you haven’t got your hands on any Hatch  products, I certainly suggest you do so! From reels to backing, they have you covered. Hatch makes equipment that can withstand abuse, hissy fits and when you get right down to it, it will last longer that you’ll be alive. And like any great company, they stand behind their American made products…besides; they are just really cool hard working guys..

+ Hatch Outdoors: http://www.hatchoutdoors.com/

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