Yucatan Critters

The first encounter with a Roseate Spoonbill I was truly amazed. Odd looking creatures, with a unique look, cool personality and full of vibrant color, and did I mention…they are 5 different colors of pink!! Maybe to those that see these daily there’s not much to lift an eyebrow over, but to this rocky mountain dude, it’s a rare and jaw-dropping day when you see a flock of pink birds, in mangroves. Ever encounter I have with them is still of wonder. They congregate close to us, watching our actions with curios eyes. One in our group commented on Labrador like characteristics and facial expressions. In a few minutes dozen appear to watch our angling show. Always feel lucky too see these magnificent animals, and I always wonder what they are thinking…. Nature is pretty dang cool. This is one of many images of Spoonbills from the trip to the middle of the Yucatan

Cool looking spiny-tail iguanas seemed to be lurking around everywhere in the Yucatan. I had a hard time getting in close at first, until the locals clued me in on a little trick. The trick seemed to work and I was able to get in tight on this feller while basking on a large piece of washed-up coral. I was fortunate and was able to capture a lot of wildlife imagery on this trip, birds, fish, lizards, sharks, tarpon trying to eat a bird rookery, and of course humans. I even ventured to the famous “Iguana Island” for lunch in ascension bay to see the lunch pets, and make a cast…I never knew Iguanas loved jalapeños.

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Iguana spoon bill