New for Fall 2022

It’s always great to see one of your images that’s made it past the cutting floor to a marketing print Ad. It’s a bonus when it’s an image of one of your fishing buddies. This image of Kyle Toyama was taken on a rainy, cold fall day. There were just enough blue-wing olive mayflies to get some fish up. I always have a 70-200mm handy for clients who want a journalistic approach. When dealing with an animal, in the case of fish, you never know when the action will happen; you always have to anticipate the scenario and be ready.

The best way to know what and when to anticipate the action is firsthand knowledge, which comes with experience. In this case, time is on the water fly fishing. I encourage my students in workshops and those I mentor to get out and practice working with their cameras and the craft they want to photograph. It’s a hand-in-hand learning journey that is very rewarding. Anyone can photograph an angler, and often you can get lucky in being at the right place at the right time. But those that know their craft understand where those likely windows of the action are and capitalize on their knowledge.


This jacket is made with 100% recycled NetPlus® material from reclaimed fishing nets, and it’s also Fair Trade Certified™ sewn. It takes a lot of effort, a bit of weather forecasting luck, and a crew that can go at the drop of a hat to make these projects come to life.

“Built for nature’s most unpredictable changes, the Swiftcurrent™ Wading Jacket is our most versatile technical jacket. The 4-layer, waterproof/breathable H2No® Performance Standard shell is free of perfluorinated chemicals and made of 100% recycled nylon. Fair Trade Certified™ sewn.”

+ Kyle Toyama, Montana


Men’s Swiftcurrent Jacket