Las Pampas, Argentina

Each year I look forward to my annual visit to the rural area of Las Pampas. One of the great things about this region is the culture and people who live there. The fishing is good, the food is fresh, the crew is outstanding and the surrounding landscape is inspirational. Spending time with Oggy and the Las Pampas Lodge team is undoubtedly a yearly highlight for me. Ironically, I just returned home from my visit a few days ago, opened the catalog and saw one of my favorite places and people gracing the pages. It is an honor to see this moment make the cut for the 2017 Patagonia Fly Fishing Catalog and print Ad campaign; it was one of those days you will always remember. I’m already planning for next year.

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Simple Fly Fishing/Tenkara

It is great too see this photo make it to Advertisement. Not only is this one of my favorite rivers to fish but this is one of my favorite people to fish with, its always a great learning experience for me. Yvon Chouinard making it look easy on the Henry’s Fork, Idaho.

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Last summer I had the opportunity to do some film and photo work for Patagonia. Nothing fancy,  capture b-roll and shoot still images. You never know what will get used, so it’s always a pleasant surprise to see the final production.  It’s great to live those moments again. It was a great chance to work with so many great people, some long time friends, and somehow ones.

 Patagonia Books Footage | Yvon Chouinard and Maru Mazzo

 I was able to help capture footage for Yvon Chouinard and Maru Mazzo for their upcoming new book, Simple Fly Fishing Techniques for Tenkara and Rod & Reel for A tidbit of the footage used. It was great to spend the day with Yvon and Maru. I enjoy every opportunity I get to spend time YC. It’s inspiring to me talk to a person who does what he says and lives what he leads: A dirtbag in every sense of the word.

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Patagonia Women’s Waders | Millie Paini

New women’s Patagonia waders are now available. I’m very happy to able to work with Millie Paini throughout the year. It’s really cool to see a company support woman’s anglers. The new folks might not remember but a long time ago, Millie was the poster woman for Patagonia women’s waders. A decade later, she still here, still fishing hard and still making products better for women. The “drop-down” has been in talks for many years mainly due to techniques used when fishing with men out of drift boats and flats boats, etc.  I was excited to be able to work with film-maker Travis Lowe for Millie’s segment on the Henry’s Fork.  The new 2014 Women’s waders line up is made by angling women for angling women.

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