Las Pampas, Argentina 

I love fishing! I was raised an an angler, with a worm, a spinner and a fly and each has brought me some of the most memorable and valuable moments in my life. I’ve never been able to limit myself to fun. In 2014 I was in rural Argentina with a few great fishing friends, we had an amazing day fishing, with a Tenkara rod. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of anglers have so much camaraderie in an afternoon of fishings since the last time I was there the year before “playing baseball”. Played with 1 fly rod and 1 fly, taking turns with minimal casts, minimal steps, minimal time on the clock and if you swing and miss once, your out and then on to the next guy. There is much much more to fishing, than actually catching fish. This reminds me about the time we randomly found a lure while working on a slackline shoot in the backcountry, with no rod or reel or line around, we unraveled a inner sleeping bag cord, created a rig and caught a little fish. But this day, the day of the Tenkara, was amazing and it couldn’t have gone better.

YC – “Martin, have you ever used a tenkara rod?”
MA – “No, never “
YC – “Well, its just like this (quick demonstration) want to try it?”
MA – “ahhh, ok.. sure!”

2.83 seconds later 

MA – “HOLY SH@*, first cast!!”
GROUP – “laughing and cheering”

+ Patagonia Tenkara: http://www.patagonia.com/tenkara
+ Las Pampas Lodge: http://www.laspampaslodge.com/



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