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Off the Grid Studios is pleased to announce a new film — “NexGen.” With support from the Orvis Company, Scientific Anglers, and WorldCast Anglers, the latest from Off the Grid Studios will premiere on the 2019 Fly Fishing Film Tour.

In “NexGen,” filmmaker RA Beattie tells the story of generational bonds and friendships formed through fly fishing. In the film, Beattie offers a new perspective, as the film is told from the point of view and with the narration of Jack Buccola — a 12-year-old angler from Bend, Oregon. The film follows Jack as he experiences living in a fly fisherman’s house, witnesses the impact of fires on his home waters, and explores new waters on a road trip with his father Ryan, friend Judd Field, and Judd’s father Pete. Throughout the journey, Jack grows to appreciate the steelhead of the Northwest, the native cutthroat trout found on the South Fork of the Snake River and other tributaries, and Jack also realizes the potential for more travel with a tying business.

“Our 2019 production ‘NexGen’ takes viewers along for a ride on a more attainable, grassroots adventure here at home in the American West,” explains Beattie. “I’m very proud of our entire team and excited to bring the young cast, epic eats, and stunning nature scenes to the big screen in theaters around the world.”

“NexGen” will be featured on the 2019 Fly Fishing Film Tour, which begins Jan. 19, 2019, in Bozeman, Montana. This is the 16th film from Off the Grid Studios/Beattie Outdoors Productions in the Fly Fishing Film Tour, and the filmmakers have had official selections in the Fly Fishing Film Tour since the event began 13 years ago.

“NexGen” was directed, edited, and produced by RA Beattie, produced and filmed by Bryan Gregson, written by Sarah Grigg and Tim Harden, filmed and edited by Will Phelps, and audio engineered by Troy Hermes, with still photography from Arian Stevens. Marko Milosevic contributed the graphics.

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Off the Grid Studios is a network of talented people from around the world who take the creative process from concept to fruition. From content creation to marketing, the Off the Grid Studios team has been delivering creative storytelling for more than a decade.

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Rogue River, Oregon

The last stop of the Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures Pacific Northwest Tour finished on Oregon’s Rogue River with Tight Lines Fly Fishing, run by the legendary Helfrich Family. Now run by the fourth generation, they certainly know their stuff. Since 1925, they’ve been in the business of running big whitewater and chasing fish in drift boats. The guide crew was super pro and we were definitely in the presence of river masters!

Dry fly fishing for “half-pounder” steelhead was hot and the Rogue River twitch technique produced some great fighting fish. The river itself was stunning, and the scenery, wildlife, and big rapids all created a big, exciting adventure. We camped at different lodges along the way, toured historical sites and ate like royalty (We highly recommend the pork chops!). A big thanks to Tight Lines Fly Fishing and all those who helped make this leg of the trip a success!

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2014 Spring Catalog Tearsheets

I flew out to Portland to met up with the Korkers for a catalog shoot. The fellas were waiting for me at the airport, tossed the gear in the truck and we immediately headed out for the Deschutes River. We met up with the other part of our crew in Maupin. A quick diner, a few hours of sleep, then we headed to the river for a few days of camping, fishing and photographing. The river is stunning one that I’d love to return to. The trip was nothing short of adventure: sleeping in waders, left bags, lost rod, wild horses, wild rainbows, white water fun, salmon flies, good food and great folks. It was a great experience!

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Korkers Digital Catalog Spring 14-1_COVER
Korkers Digital Catalog Spring 14-14
Korkers Digital Catalog Spring 14-4
Korkers Digital Catalog Spring 14-3