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It’s wild to think this is my 9th catalog with Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. When I look back and think about all the adventures over the years, it just feels, well, unbelievable. I am very fortunate to work for such a great company, with an incredible team, and long-lasting global friends.

It’s also really nice to work for a company that gives back to the very communities we work in. YDFA created The Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation (YDCCF) in 2016 as a means of providing direct support to communities, fisheries, and ecosystems where great angling is found. In the first five years, YDCCF has granted over $1 million to over 60 projects worldwide, funding projects both large and small that focus on conservation, education and community growth, and resilience.

+ Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures: https://www.yellowdogflyfishing.com/
+ Yellow Dog Community & Conservation Foundation: https://www.ydccf.org/

“Great fishing trips don’t just happen. We’re here to ensure that you end up in the right place, at the right time, and with all the right information… at no additional cost to you. Fueled by adventure, grounded in experience – our professionals are ready to help you plan the fly fishing vacation of a lifetime. As the most knowledgeable professional team in the business, we only book destinations we trust, know and have experienced first hand. Maximize the potential of your trip with personalized customer service and insider expertise at no extra cost than booking on your own.”



Published Editorial

I’m always thrilled when I see my work in print. It’s nice to relive those small moments again. A big thanks to those who help make these a reality. Anglers, sponsors, and the lodges, without you these images wouldn’t be possible.

Love print? Me too! Head down to your local shop and grab yourself a copy or order a subscription. Keep print alive.

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Vol. 23, Issue 2

A few images made it to print in the summer issue of The Drake Magazine. I can still remember the moment when the shutter clicked. As always, a big heartfelt thank you to all those anglers and people involved in the process and to the print magazines who still hold credible journalism in high regard.

Grab yourself a print copy or order a subscription, you won’t be disappointed and won’t ever miss an issue.

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Drake Magazine summer 2017 Ad

A few new Hatch Outdoors Ads have been surfacing this summer season, I’m happy to see that we landed one of them! I say this all the time, but its true, its always nice to actually hold the fruits of our labor in print.

Getting great images in the field always take a team effort, always. This image was from a trip with Shaun lawson of Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. We were at Miminiska Lodge in Ontario. On this day we were in the lake fishing for pike and walleye. Big thanks to all the anglers, manufactures, lodges, staff, guides, logistics agents, etc, who helped with the process, these images wouldn’t be created without your help and continued support.

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USA Made, Globally Fished

+ Hatch Outdoors: http://www.hatchoutdoors.com/
+ The Drake Magazine: http://www.drakemag.com/


Published Editorial

I’m always very excited to see images on on actual paper. There’s no substitute for holding a magazine and turning the pages. I’m thrilled to see these images made it to the final cut. They bring back such great memories. A big thanks to those that help make these images possible – anglers, sponsors and lodges – without you these images wouldn’t be possible.

Head down to your local shop and grab yourself a copy or order a subscription, you won’t be disappointed.
  + The FlyFish Journal – http://www.theflyfishjournal.com/

FlyFish Journal_7.1_00002FlyFish Journal_7.1_00004
FlyFish Journal_7.1_00005



Amazon Jungle, Bolivia

From a distance, it just looked like any normal beehive. Then assuming, as one usual does, that Bolivian bees sting, so it’s best to stay away. But I’m not one for assuming, so upon a closer inspection; I noticed right away that these are your average bees. Factually, this specie doesn’t sting. If had only assumed from a distance I would have missed out on seeing the Miss Bee up close and personal. I would have also missed out seeing their surprising little faces and their busy little important life.

It’s called a Miss Bee because it has no sting and itch. It’s know to many that the honey has medicinal properties, which is credited the ability to cure diseases such as cataracts and conjunctivitis in the eyes as well as gastritis, heartburn and anemia.

I’m certainly glad I’m a curious person by nature, I might have missed out on observing and photographing one of the coolest little bugs I’ve placed my eyes on.



2013 Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures Catalog | Teasrsheets

Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures just released their new 2013 Catalog! I’m excited to contribute a small portion of photography for this project.

I traveled with Shaun Lawson, Northern Rockies Yellow Dog liaison, this past fall 2012 to Canada (Northern B.C/ Ferine/Alberta) and Northern Montana to capture the experience with my camera. It was a three week road trip filled with inviting waters, wild fish, good friends, and the best candy bar in the world.  One adventure I’ll never forget. I’m also excited to be heading out on another Yellow Dog adventure coming up soon.

So, wondering where to go next for your fishing destination? Just give these guys a call, problem solved. Not only can they smoothly get you to anywhere in the world you want to go, but they’ve actually physically been all over the world to inspect first-hand the destinations and lodges they book. This gives them extensive knowledge of the area and operations which allows them to make certain you’re well informed for the trip of a lifetime. Quality service!

To get a FREE catalog… or to book a trip ….or to see some amazing fly-fishing photography from all over the globe…head on over to their website and check ’em out! http://www.yellowdogflyfishing.com/


Yellow Dog Catalog 2013_60 Yellow Dog Catalog 2013_70


Canada, Waterboatmen & Rainbows | YDFA Road Trip

September was an adventure! Driving for days to meet destination deadlines was the name of the game here.  We were a few weeks into the trip, still a week or more to go, we were headed from Alberta to Ferine BC. We were a tad bit ahead of schedule; a spare half-day was just lying around, we had no choice but to go on an exploratory Yellow Dog adventure.

Over the hill and through the hutterites land we went, finally arriving at some of the greatest grizzly bear habitat anyone could ask for. As luck would have it, the locals observed a sow and cub near the water we were about to fish. The only thing worse than bears is not being able to catch what Shaun calls “cantankerous” trout.  A few patterns later, a miss fire with a small net big fish, and a waterboatman later, Shaun connected with a solid rainbow trout. Exploratory mission complete.